120 Years in the “EM-Team”

Michael und Erwin Mach mit Franz Koch, Josef Zaglitsch und Willi Rosenitsch

“It’s becoming increasingly rare for employees to spend their entire career within the same company. That’s why we’re particularly delighted that the 40-year milestone has been reached for the fist time in our company´s history – not just once, but tree times: Franz Koch, Josef Zaglitsch, and Willi Rosenitsch together mark 120 years in the ‘EM Team.’ We’re extremely proud of this achievement and celebrate it together. As a family business, fostering good collaboration and strong unity with our employees is a significant priority for us“,

congratulate the directors Erwin and Michael Mach.

“Our grandfather and our father hired these three gentlemen four decades ago. So, they’ve been with the company longer than we’ve been alive”,

joke the Mach brothers.

“Dear Franz, dear Pepi, dear Willi! Thank you sincerely for your decades of dedication to our company, for your expertise, and your experience. And to Pepi, who will be entering a well-deserved retirement in January, we wish continued health and success in the future.“