EFRE-Projekt I „Capacity Expansion“

Project designation
Expanding capacity on the basis of planned customer contracts to safeguard the Burgenland location.

Main objective
Safeguarding and expending the production site by investing in infrastructure and machines on the basis of new customer contracts

Summary of the project
Erwin Mach Gummitechnik GesmbH has been producing elastic parts and components at the Hirm location for more than 50 years. EM – as an independent family business – ensures and creates jobs in Burgenland since its establishment. The vertical range of manufacture requires the machines and the infrastructure to be permanently optimized. Said project creates a foundation for these investments.

Start of the project: 11.05.2017
End of the project: 10.05.2019
Location: 7024 Hirm, Haydnstraße 88