EFRE-Project II „Modernizing the current technical facilities and the creation of new capacities”

Project designation
Modernizing the current technical facilities and the creation of new capacities for organization, technical development and production of innovative elastomer moulded parts.

Main objective
The expansion of the production and administrative capacities to ensure that the delivery capability and the jobs connected to it at the Burgenland location are save and to establish a basis of potential growth.

Implementing and modernizing innovative technical equipment to reduce the carbon footprint and optimizing the digital communication internally and externally (Industry 4.0).

Summary of the project
Because of the economic development in a positive direction, modernization and growth of the company makes it possible to fulfill every customer requirement. This project is scheduled to exhaust the newly established production area.

Simultaneously, the areas of development, construction and administration are supposed to arrange necessary investments to support the grown production and to establish Industry 4.0 more deeply into the company

Start of the project: 18.10.2018
End of the project: 17.10.2020
Location: 7024 Hirm, Haydnstraße 88