Efficient and innovative CO2 dry ice cleaning at EM.

Spontaneous cleaning work on injection molding tools with dry ice blasting devices has so far not made sense for EM, since the dry ice logistics required in the background are too complex for short-term operations. With the purchase of the world’s first dry ice blasting device with integrated dry ice production from liquid CO₂ from KÄRCHER, this is now possible. Thanks to an innovative process, dry ice pellets can be produced from liquid CO₂. Since liquid CO₂ can be kept in gas cylinders for practically unlimited time, the usual time-consuming dry ice logistics are no longer necessary.

This is an enormous added value for our moulds, as this cleaning process reliably avoids blasting agent residues. In comparison to abrasive processes, the moulds cannot be damaged and the tool life is significantly increased.

Watch the cleaning process in the video below !