The bohemian immigrant Franz Mach – great great grandfather of current owners Michael und Erwin Mach – founded a power cable business in k.+k.-Vienna.


in 1930 Anton Mach takes over the company in the midst of the worldwide economic crisis and moves it to Siegersdorf in the south east of Lower Austria, where he started including rubber parts [...]


After the second World War he was able to accomplish a fresh start with rubber shoe soles. In 1947 his son Ing. Erwin Mach (EM1) takes over the company, immediately after coming home from [...]


1964 Ing. Erwin Mach (EM1) founded his own rubber part production in Siegersdorf. In 1965 he bought an old sugar refinery in Hirm and changed the location of his business to said village. The [...]


Supported by the economic miracle of the post war period, Ing. Erwin Mach (EM1) and his sister Hella upgraded the business to a medium-sized rubber-press plant. After a factional dispute about the future in [...]


Step by step the building was sanitized, and a modern operating infrastructure was created.


Dipl.-Ing. Erwin Mach (EM2) followed his father’s lead with the special section development, gave the company various new technological impulses and took control over „Erwin Mach Gummitechnik GmbH“ in 1983.


From 1990 to 2018, after a constant production growth, more building were added to the company grounds in Hirm and the factory infrastructure constantly improved.


The sons Dipl.-Ing. Erwin Rudolf Mach (EM3, m.) and Dipl.-Ing. Michael (I.) joined the company after graduating at Montanuniverstät Leoben.


After the passing of their father, the brothers take over the family business.

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