State Prize “Smart Packaging” 2022.

State Prize "Smart Packaging" 2022. As part of the Smart Packaging State Prize, the and-less company was awarded a special prize by Altstoff Recycling Austria (ARA) for "Reusable with added value - reusable to-go [...]

Free ice cream for EM employees.

Free ice cream for EM employees.In order to "keep cool" at the high temperatures, every employee at EM gets a free ice cream on every summer day above 30°C. As can be seen from the [...]

Capacity expansion in in-house toolmaking.

Capacity expansion in in-house toolmaking. By purchasing a new, larger die-sinking machine from GF Agie Charmillie with a fully automatic 16-fold electrode changer, production capacity was more than doubled. With the help of the [...]

We shape rubber.

We shape rubber. Our new claim "We shape rubber" replaces our previous (german) motto "Wir bringen Gummi in Form". This change was accompanied by a revision of the EM logo, which also shines in [...]

Expansion of the machinery.

Expansion of the machinery The machinery will be expanded by a vertical injection moulding machine with a clamp force of 460 tons and an injection volume of 2,5 liters. This investment allows us to [...]

Commissioning of the 6 axis robot.

Commissioning of the 6 axis robot The first 6 axis robot with automation cell was commissioned a few days ago. This investment opened up a whole new production branch. Acquisition and operation of the [...]

Plastic pioneers.

Plastic pioneers Reinhard Bauer explored the history of austrian plastic pioneers and tells the story of the Mach family and the Erwin Mach Gummitechnik GmbH. The book is online available under the ISBN-Nr. 978-3-200-06509-3 [...]

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