Visit of Minister of Finance Magnus Brunner, AMS-State Manager Helene Sengstbratl and State Councillor Leonhard Schneemann

Dipl.-Ing. Michael Mach, Managing Director of Mach Gummitechnik, Finance Minister Magnus Brunner, Dipl.-Ing. Erwin Rudolph Mach

As a third-generation family company that produces 100 percent in Austria, we are often asked about our recipe for success. This also regularly interests representatives from politics, interest groups and business who come to our company. Finance Minister Magnus Brunner was just as enthusiastic about our production facility in Hirm in May as AMS State Manager Helene Sengstbratl and State Councilor Leonhard Schneemann.

“I congratulate the managing directors Erwin and Michael Mach on their innovative products. They produce in Burgenland and thus provide jobs for more than a hundred people. We need exactly such model companies so that our economy can generate prosperity and our location can play a leading role internationally,”

said Finance Minister Magnus Brunner during the tour of the company.

Dipl.-Ing. Michael Mach, Managing Director of Mach Gummitechnik and AMS State Managing Director Mag. Helene Sengstbratl

The labor market and shortage of skilled workers were the focal points of the visit by AMS state manager Helene Sengstbratl. We at “Mach Gummitechnik” support the AMS initiative “Gemeinsam geht´s leichter #weiter”. The AMS Burgenland advises companies on new recruiting strategies. Because retirements and Corona have made the search for employees even more challenging. It is all the more important that the AMS works closely with companies.

Provincial Councilor Leonhard Schneemann and Dipl.-Ing. Michael Mach, Managing Director of Mach Rubber Technology

Our managing directors discussed the economic situation in Burgenland with Provincial Councilor Leonhard Schneemann. Also about how innovative family businesses can be supported in the best possible way so that they can continue to develop in the future.

“We are very pleased that we were able to show Finance Minister Brunner, AMS State Manager Sengstbratl and State Councilor Schneemann through our company. We can only be successful if politics, interest groups and business pull together.”

Erwin and Michael Mach are convinced.